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Patch Adams and Clown One

The Foundation grew out of our work in Russia, London and the USA with Patch Adams, the famous American Clown Doctor. Originally the organisation was called Clown One UK furthering the aims of Patch. We retain fond links with him.

Bill, Patch and friend preparing to attack Charing Cross paediatric ward in London, 2001.

Sierra Leone

Wizzy (Albert Marley Mustapha) of the Single-leg Amputee Sports Club in Sierra Leone was our invaluable host and facilitator for our stay in Rokel.  We could not have done our project without him!


Wizzy commentating on the Single leg amputee football match during the afternoon of our show in Rokel

Bill Brookman's Cultural Heroes (!!)

Bill got on so well with this drama group in Sierra Leone in 2005/6 that they renamed themselves after him! Honour indeed! Bill thinks the honour should go to Kotowow, who tirelessly runs the group with so few resources

Our friends in Kosovo

We made so many friends in Kosovo in 2003. I am sorry we can't mention them all but Selami and Abit Hoxha and Burim Haxiou deserve special mention as do Bob Charmbury and our friends from the UN. We are also grateful for the help given by the Organisation for European Community and Development.

Massacre victims are re-buried for the third time; we postponed our festival for this event which some of us were privileged to attend.

Jean-Marie Akkerman

We are delighted to show here Jean-Marie Akkerman performing with a local boy suspended from a 40 metre United Nations crane, in the finale of our UNited festival in Kosovo in July, 2003.

Jean-Marie, who himself lives with HIV, runs performances and workshops dedicated to education about HIV/AIDS and the promotion of safe sex through narrative circus arts performance

The Kusun Ensemble

Months of frustrating visa-wrangling resulted in a wonderful visit to the UK by Numo Gblenfor III, the High Priest of the Ga tribe of Ghana and his two royal drummers in 2003. Our aims of combining art, social commitment and spirituality were met in their visit and a return visit to Ghana is anticipated.

A member of the Kusun Ensemble with friends at Grimsthorpe Castle, St John's Ambulance Summer Fete, 2003

Kirtee Shah

Kirtee Shah as few will ever see him! - the tireless and splendid director of the Ahmadabad Study Action Group NGO and sponsor of our visits to India relaxes during the Gujarat kite festival

Yu-hou Furusawa

Negotiations overlooking the stunningly modernistic Yokohama harbour have still not managed to secure a project with the outstanding Japanese dancer Yu-hou Furusawa. But we are still hopeful for the future!

Yu-hou Furusawa's choreography combines traditional dance and modern electronic music