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For fetes, festivals, street events and schools!

Art Activities

The general public/ children could make their own party hats, bunting, flowers etc. How about some pavement, street art with chalk?

Have-a-go circus Workshop

ever popular and interactive for all age groups

The general public/ children will have the opportunity to have a go and learn different circus skills. For example, they could have a go at juggling, stilt walking, devil sticks, poi and much more.



Learn how you can create your own grand parade.

Giant Bubbles

Create your own giant bubbles and watch them soar into the sky!

Due to the bubble solution it would be best to do the bubbles outside, so that there is space to generate the bubbles and the bubbles have space to move. However, the activity could be done under a covered area outside just in case the weather is poor.
(Please note that when generating bubbles the surrounding area can become slightly wet and slippery.)


Have a go at making your own balloon animals or a variety of other objects.

Themed Days

(Circus Day, Performance Day, Science Day, Maths Day, Green Day)

For the Themed Days we could work with the same group of children all day (25-30) exploring a particular theme (see above for reference). We usually run these activities over a period of a day, but we could develop one of these activities over a period of two or three days.

- Science Day -

Science of sound through music or how about Science exploration - scientific principles are explained in a mad professor’s laboratory.

- Green Day -

The young people will explore the environment and green issues.

- Maths Day -

Explore shape, space and geometry.

- Performance Day -

The young people will devise their own show and perform it to a group of people.

- Circus Day -

The young people will learn and develop a variety of circus skills resulting in a performance at the end to a group of people.


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